Artist Statement

Living = Painting = Transformation

My painting is inspired by those things which move us as human beings, which motivate us, which we are afraid of and which we love: it explores the inner motives of our external deeds. My approach is not scientific, but rather intuitive, and I focus on underlying energies which we encounter as deep and mainly archetypal sentiments.

In my painting process, I face these feelings and transform them. Thus, my fear becomes courageous. Sorrow begins to hope and hate turns into love. In doing so, I adopt an abstract visual imagery with (rarely) applied figurative elements. I consciously cause confusion and irritation with both my lines and perspective, without which this transformation would not be possible.

My preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas. And a lot of water! The use of water prevents rationality in my work method. It provides that moment of chance which builds the bridge from me, as artist, to the observer of my paintings.

Those who are willing to engage with my artwork can sense, experience and enjoy my painting process in their own way (= transformation). When this happens, it becomes my greatest joy.

Romana Brunnauer, January 2018

The Artist

Romana G. Brunnauer was born in Salzburg (Austria), studied, lived and worked in Munich (Germany). After University she started as a Writer and Creative Director for Conventional and New Media. She won a numerous prestigious awards throughout her career. In 2005 she moved to Lanzarote on the Canary Islands in Spain.
Since 2006 Romana has been exclusively dedicated to visual arts. Her work is internationally represented in exhibitions as well as in private and public collections.